Welcome to Microsoft Inspire

Formerly the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, the newly named event offers the same experiences, insight and innovation you’ve come to expect from the biggest Microsoft partner gathering of the year. Further aligned with the One Microsoft vision and other flagship Microsoft events, Microsoft Inspire is the same great event our partners know and love, but with a brand-new name.

Why did the name of the event change?
The change was made to further align the conference with our other flagship Microsoft events, including Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Envision, and Microsoft Inspire. 

How else will the event change?
The experiences our partners know and love, like vision keynotes, sessions, and connection meetings are not changing - they are only getting better. Microsoft Inspire remains the biggest Microsoft partner event of the year, where partners, Microsoft employees and industry experts connect to accelerate the digital transformation of our shared customers.

Has the event timing and location changed?
No. We can't wait to see you in Washington, D.C. this July! Join us from July 9-13, 2017, for another incredible partner event.

Will this event still be annual around the same time of year?
Yes, Microsoft plans to continue the event each year. 

I already registered for WPC 2017. Do I need to register again for Microsoft Inspire?
No. All existing registrations have been carried over to Microsoft Inspire. To access your registration, simply log in to the Microsoft Inspire registration website with the credentials used to create your account.

I have a discount code for WPC 2017. Can I use it for Microsoft Inspire?

To stay up to date with event information and updates, visit the official Microsoft Inspire event website.
For additional questions or support regarding your registration, please email the Microsoft Inspire registration team at microsoftinspire@microsoft.crgevents.com.

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