Credit Card Provided for Hotel Accommodation

In order to hold a reservation for Microsoft Inspire, a valid credit card must be provided on the Hotel page of your registration. The card will not be charged in advance. A credit card is required in the registration process in case a guest fails to cancel at least 5 days prior to their scheduled arrival date.

 A credit card will be considered invalid for any one of the following reasons:

  1.  the credit card number provided is invalid
  2.  the credit card number provided in registration is missing a digit
  3.  the credit card will expire prior to the scheduled arrival date

If your desired credit card expires prior to your arrival date, it cannot be used to book accommodations via the registration site. Please note that an alternate credit card can be provided to hold your hotel reservation while you wait for a new card to be issued. Once you receive your new credit card, you can provide it by returning to your registration record or upon check-in at the hotel.

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