Group Manager Troubleshooting Tips

1. I accidentally registered a colleague as the Group Manager instead of myself.

The attendee should begin a new “Non-Attending Group Manager” registration for themselves and then request to manage their colleague’s registration(s). They may do so by following the below instructions:
  • Visit the Registration website. When prompted, choose the option to “Register Others”. 
  • On the Contact Information page provide your own, personal information. 
  • Select “Save Registrant” at the bottom of the page to be taken to the Group Management Dashboard. 
  • If you plan to attend, select the option to 'Register to Attend' and proceed through registration.
  • Next, from the Group Management Dashboard, choose the option to 'Manage Existing Registrant'.
  • When prompted, enter the colleague’s last name and the email address used for contact in their registration 
  • The colleague will then need to log into their registration record, and accept this request
  • Note: The attendee will need to associate their personal credentials to the registration under their name. If the Group Manager’s login credentials were used when creating the colleague’s record, please contact the registration team.
2. I registered individually, but would like to become a Group Manager.
  • Once a record is in Registered status, an attendee can click on the 'Create a Group Manager Account' option under Quick Links, on the right side of their Confirmation page.
  • To register a new attendee, the Group Manager may select 'Add New Member' from the Group Management Dashboard.
  • If the attendee who they would like to manage is already registered, they will need to select 'Manage Existing registrant, then enter the last name and the email address associated with the attendee's record.
3. I registered as an attending Group Manager, but I would like to be a “Non-Attending Group Manager.”
  • The Group Manager can cancel their registration from the Confirmation page of their record. Once their registration is in cancelled status, they will automatically transition to a 'Non-Attending Group Manager'. 
  • If the Group Manager would like to transfer their pass to a new group member, they should not cancel their registration. The Group Manager should create a new registration for that attendee and complete all pages up to Payment. Once done, please reach out to the registration team, and they will assist you further.
4. I would like someone else to manage my group in my place. 
  • Due to Microsoft Privacy Policies, Group Manager records cannot be substituted. 
  • Please reach out to the registration team, specifying the name of the attendee who will be taking over your Group Manager responsibilities.
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