Login Methods

New to Microsoft Inspire: In addition to Microsoft account, attendees now have the option to register using LinkedIn credentials, or by creating a unique Microsoft Inspire username and password. 

Microsoft account (formerly Windows LiveID): Standard method of login for past WPC events. Combination of an email alias and password used for services such as Outlook, Windows, or Skype.
To use this method, select the ‘Microsoft Account’ button on the login page. For more information or to create a Microsoft account, please visit the Microsoft account website.

LinkedIn: Sign in with the same credentials used for your LinkedIn account by selecting the ‘LinkedIn’ button on the login page.
For more information, or to create a new LinkedIn account, please visit the LinkedIn homepage.

Username and password: Create a unique account for Microsoft Inspire. To do so, select the option to ‘Sign Up Now’ below the ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’ fields on the login page. Follow the prompts to set-up your account. Once done, you can sign-in using the fields provided on the main login page.

For questions and assistance, contact the Microsoft Inspire registration team at microsoftinspire@microsoft.crgevents.com

Note: only one login method can be associated with a registration. To avoid creating duplicate records, the login method and credentials used when creating a registration must be used for all future access.

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