Registration Codes

Registration codes are used to ensure registrants see certain questions and pages during the online registration process or provide registrants with different price points. If you believe you require a registration code contact your Microsoft representative or account manager.

Are Registration Codes Required?

Registration codes are not required in order to complete your registration. If you have a registration code, you will be prompted to apply the code at the beginning of the registration process. If you do not have a code, you may complete your registration by logging into the Registration website and choosing the option "I do not have a Registration Code".

I have a registration code but would like more information on what it provides.

Send an email to if you need information on the price point attached to your registration code.

My registration code is not working, or I forgot to enter the registration code.

Email your name, contact information and the code to the Microsoft Inspire Registration Team. The registration team will contact you within one (1) business day.

I need to change the registration code listed on my account.

Email the following information to the Microsoft Inspire registration team. The registration team will contact you within one (1) business day.

  • Your name and contact information
  • What code are you using now?
  • What code would you like to use?
  • Have you already entered your code into a partial or completed registration?

If you have any questions regarding you code, please email the registration team at

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