Group Managers

What does a Group Manager account allow me to do?

A Group Manager account allows you to register yourself for Microsoft Inspire (if desired) along with other attendees. The Group Manager will complete some of the registration information for each attendee, who are called group members. The Group Manager is able to: 

  • Manage registrations via a convenient Dashboard. Now featuring the ability to search, filter and sort registrations in a dynamic list view.
  • Pay for registration fees in one or multiple credit card transactions and print a group receipt for all registrations under the Group Manager account
  • Book hotel for each group member, if desired
  • Return to group members' registrations to make updates to, substitute or cancel individual registrations and/or hotel reservations
  • See registration status of all group member registrations and housing requests, and keep track of any cancellations made by you or your group members
  • Export a report of group member details to Excel
  • Send reminders to group members who have not accessed their registrations, as needed
  • Receive copies of registration-related emails directed towards your group members (e.g. registration confirmation, hotel confirmation)
  • Note: You will not be able to access a group member's session or meeting scheduler tools on their behalf, or download a Business Travel Support (BTS) letter. These actions may only be completed by the group member.
  • Note: Group Managers now have the option to designate a 'Secondary Contact' for their group by selecting 'Yes' to this option on the Group Manager Contact page. This contact will be authorized to verify details or make changes to group member registrations by calling or emailing the registration team. 
          Only the Group Manager will have access to the Group Management dashboard through their account. A separate registration will be required for the secondary contact if they plan to attend.

To create a Group Manager account, please:

  • Visit the Registration website and when prompted, select 'Register Others'. 
  • You will next be prompted to fill out your Contact details. Please note: you will enter your Contact details here whether or not you are attending Microsoft Inspire
  • Once you have submitted this information, you will be taken to your Group Management Dashboard.
  • Here you will be able to register additional attendees by selecting 'Add New Member'
  • If you would like to manage someone who is already registered to attend, you can request them by selecting 'Manage Existing Registrant' and entering their last name and contact email
  • Additionally, if you intend to attend the conference, you will be able to register yourself by selecting 'Register to Attend' beneath your name.

        If you are already registered, you may add Group Manager permissions to your account using the following steps:

        • Log-in to your account via the Registration website
        • From the Confirmation page, locate the option to 'Create a Group Manager Account' under the Quick Links on the right-hand side of the page
        • When prompted, confirm that you would like to convert your registration to a Group Manager account
        • On the next page, select 'Group Management' in the upper right-hand corner
        From the Group Dashboard, you can add and manage attendees as you please. 

        Need a hand? Check out Group Managing Troubleshooting Tips

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