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Now Available on MyInspire!

Use the My Schedule page to manage your personal schedule at Microsoft Inspire. Sessions are organized by date, and you are able to view in Agenda or Calendar format. From the "Actions" menu, you are able to print your schedule, make a new appointment or meeting, find a session, and download your calendar your our Outlook calendar. 

Meetings may not always appear right away on your calendar. Please click the refresh button in the upper- right corner, next to your name, to view newly-added meetings.

  • Blue- Sessions and Keynote(adding sessions to your schedule does not guarantee admission, please be sure to arrive early for a guaranteed seat)
  • Yellow - Evening Events such as the Welcome Reception and Partner Celebration
  • Red- Meetings (unaccepted meetings will appear as light red)

Please Note:

  • Day passes will only have access to sessions and events taking place on the day purchased.
  • Expo Only Day passes will have access only to The Commons Expo hall for the day purchased, and will not have access to the Session or Meeting Scheduler tools.
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor Booth Staff attendees will have access only to The Commons Expo hall and Keynote sessions. Booth Staff will have access to the Meeting Scheduler tool, but not the Session Scheduler.

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