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Now Available on MyInspire! 

Connecting directly with Microsoft and its other partners is one of the greatest benefits to attending Microsoft Inspire. With this in mind, the Connect Meeting Scheduler is designed to help you facilitate those connections so that you can get the most out of your Microsoft Inspire investment.

  • Due to Privacy Laws, attendees located outside the US and UK need to opt-in to use the Meeting Scheduling tool from the Contact page of registration.
    • If you are a speaker at Microsoft Inspire, regardless of your location, you have been automatically opted out. You will need to opt-in if you wish to allow people to request meetings with you during the event.
  • From either the Meeting Scheduler or the Session Scheduler tile, once available, you can schedule meetings with other partners or attendees at Microsoft Inspire. 

The following pass types do not have access to the Meeting Scheduler:

  • The Commons Expo only Day Passes
  • Press/Analysts
  • Day Passes will have access to attend meetings only on the day(s) of passes purchased
For assistance accessing MyInspire, please visit the Logging Into MyInspire article. 
To download the MyInspire User Guide, please click

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