Requesting to Manage Another Registration

To request access to another registrant's account or to register another attendee or group, please log back into your account via the Registration website. 

On the right side of your screen select "Group Management", you will then see a link to "Manage Existing Registrant".
  • If the attendee whose account you would like to manage has already completed their registration, enter their last name and the email address used for their registration. An email will be sent to the registered attendee with instructions on how to approve or decline your request. If the attendee has not replied to the request, 'Requested' will appear next to their name within your group dashboard.
  • If the attendee has not yet registered, click on the 'Group Management' dashboard button. You will then be taken to your Dashboard where you can click on the "Add New Member" option to begin a new group member registration.
If the attendee whom you would like to manage has pre-paid for the conference, but has not yet completed their full registration, they will need to do so before you can request access to their account.

If you have any additional questions regarding how to request to manage another registrant, please contact the Microsoft Inspire Registration Team at

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